Love your pet?

We sure do. So we've searched to find a product to help keep our pets healthier and happier longer.

Dogs need immune system protection just like we do. If you love your pet, protect their health with the powerful antioxidants from Green Tea. Green Tea Tabs from Ageless Pet provides the most potent antioxidants from green tea. Your pet gets the wonderful protection of Green Tea antioxidants in the form of a treat they will want to eat.

Giving your pet a tasty chewable Green Tea Tab provides them an all natural treat packed with the protection of an antioxidant 100 times stronger than vitamin C. Green Tea antioxidants are also stronger than vitamin E. Free radicals attack every cell of the body with the potential to do great damage. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and prevent the damage from occurring. You can protect your pet with our beneficial green tea extracts. Green Tea tabs will help your pet be healthier longer by blocking damage from free radicals. Population studies have linked drinking green tea daily with a lowered risk of stomach, esophageal and liver cancers. One study showed a possible link in reduced heart disease rate and green tea consumption. (These were studies of human populations, this is a case where we were the guinea pigs for the animals).

Ageless Pet guarantees a minimum of 40% of the antioxidant in the Green Tea Tabs is EpiGalloCatechinGallate (EGCg), the most potent of the antioxidants from Green Tea. Actual analysis of the last lot showed 65% of the antioxidants was EGCg.
P.S. Give your pet the best you can. Green Tea Tabs will provide excellent levels of antioxidants that have been shown to promote cardiac health and protect against disease, immune deficiency and some cancers.

Each bottle contains 100 chewable, tasty, liver flavored tabs your dog will love to eat.

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